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Boat Storage

We know not everyone has an ideal place to store their boat during the off-season or in between trips. We're here to help.

Year-Round Storage

Ultra Marine offers indoor non-climate controlled and outside boat storage available year round.

Starting at $90/month
$50 per month
Outdoor >25'
$65 per month

Shrink Wrapping Available

Ultra Marine Performance also offers shrink wrapping services. Shrink wrapping is one of the best and hassle-free ways to protect your boat from intruding pests and harsh elements such as rain, snow, ice and damaging UV light.

Because shrink wrapping creates a strong and waterproof seal, the deck and hull are protected which helps keep the boat clean. Unlike a tarp, a shrink wrapped boat will not leak and is not susceptible to high winds or water and ice pooling.

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